La Reserve 1785 is the one and only luxurious boutique hotel & spa nestled in the famous surf heart paradise of Canggu Bali.

A Tribute to Renowned Henriette Reboul

La Reserve 1785 was acquired in 1936 by Mademoiselle Henriette Reboul, renowned as a French antiques collector and a love priestess. She reputedly had numerous famous friends and lovers who all took abode in this magnificent residence, coming from all over the world. Under the magic wand of French Architects Laura Juhen-Vuitton and Louis Mariotti, LA Reserve 1785 is now a genuine touch gem, alluring beauty, and sensuality in tribute to the elusive Henriette Reboul’s spirit.


Pavilion Pool Suite

Each suite offers an in-room lush plunge pool sheltered beneath a tropical nest.

Prestige Balcony Suite

First-floor sanctuary that elegantly blends timeless French refinement where every detail whispers elegance and tradition.

La Chambre D’Henriette

In 1936, Henriette Reboul’s famous lover, the Governor of West Indies, was invited to this splendid boudoir to nest their passion.

Secret Spa

Exclusively for our guests, the Secret Spa is the ultimate place where one can relax, enjoy the peace and reconnect. Inspired by French beauty secrets and Balinese pampering experience, our Spa offers a wide selection of massages, body treatments and facials.


With special attention given to sustainable sourcing and traditional cooking methods, La Reserve 1785 serves gourmet, internationally-inspired fare with a Mediterranean flair. The kitchen is an immersion in Mediterranean cuisine. Our products are bathed in sun, spices and scents from elsewhere.


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