Embark, Engage, Enrich: Bali’s Finest Journeys on Land, Sea, and Soul.

Handpicked Bali Day Tours & Excursions

Discover Bali’s enchanting allure with La Reserve 1785’s specially curated day tours and excursions. Embrace the island’s pristine landscapes, cultural gems, and hidden wonders, as our seasoned team guides you on an unforgettable journey. Dive into Bali’s heart with us and unravel its true essence, seamlessly tailored to your desires.

Canggu Surfing Adventures | Tailored Lessons & Waves with La Reserve 1785

Situated in the heart of Canggu Echo Beach, a renowned surf mecca, La Reserve 1785 provides unmatched access to some of the world’s most celebrated waves. From challenging breaks for seasoned surfers to calmer swells for beginners, Bali beaches meets every surfer’s dream. Our partnership with trusted local surf instructors guarantees a tailored surfing journey. Whether you’re opting for private lessons, independent board rentals, or chasing the iconic Uluwatu waves for a day trip, we ensure a seamless surfing experience.

Dive deep into Bali’s vibrant surf culture and harness its iconic waves, all under the expertise and luxurious touch of La Reserve 1785.

Bali Outdoor Adventures | A tailored experience

Dive into Bali’s top underwater spots, from the captivating Blue Lagoon to Tulamben Bay’s shipwrecks. Whether you’re exploring the marine life of Gili Islands or savoring the tranquility of Amed, our collaborations ensure a premium experience. Beyond diving, relish in curated activities like golf, tennis, and water sports and cycling, making your Balinese getaway unforgettable.