Mademoiselle Henriette Reboul’s Heritage

La Reserve 1785 was acquired in 1936 by Mademoiselle Henriette Reboul, renowned as a French antiques collector and a love priestess. She reputedly had numerous famous friends and lovers who all took abode in this magnificent residence, coming from all over the world.

Under the magic wand of French Architects Laure Juhen and Louis Mariotti, Henriette Reboul’s residence took on a new lease of life and became a genuine touch gem, alluring beauty, and sensuality. Over the years, Laure and Louis found inspiration in countless travels, refining each drawing, finding unique pieces toiled with passion and unbridled talent. The finished work is a beautiful tribute to its original owner.

The combination of French architects’ roots and Bali artisans’ craftsmanship has transformed Henriette Reboul’s residence into a luxurious, discreet and exclusive resort in the heart of Bali.

From the moment you step in La Reserve, you feel Henriette Reboul’s spirit and sensual touch in the atmosphere.

Step back in time, away from the hustle and bustle of Canggu to a peaceful and private enclave. A sanctuary for mindful travelers, surrounded by 200 years old teak parquet floors, original French book editions from the XVII century, handpicked artifacts and superb modern furniture.

Each precious moment spend at La Reserve 1785 is an escape from reality. Enjoy a traditional balinese massage or a French gourmet dinner by our pool. Expend your mind, replenished your body through the highest degree of confort, privacy and service.

Indulge in peaceful and restful moments.

« La Reserve 1785 is a living testimony of heartfelt luxury at its best. »