LA RESERVE 1785 atmosphere, style, lighting, and materials all come together to make it a living, breathing entity, pulsating with life and beauty

All suites exude a spirit of exclusive French chic, with a generous dose of contemporary styling. The exacting elegance of our suites with its fine materials, and warm colours is brought alive through little poetic details imbued with a life and history of their own: books stacked in random places on the shelves,venetian mirrors..

Every guest at LA RESERVE 1785 – whether they stay a day or a year – can become part of the story

Pavilion Pool Suite

Each suite offers an in-room lush plunge pool sheltered beneath a tropical nest.

La Chambre D’Henriette

In 1936, Henriette Reboul’s famous lover, the Governor of West Indies, was invited to this splendid boudoir to nest their passion.

Prestige Balcony Suite

First-floor sanctuary that elegantly blends timeless French refinement where every detail whispers elegance and tradition.

Be Our Guest!

Best price guarantee on our website.  Picture our perfect Balinese pool, our amazing gardens à la Française and our Secret Spa. Pamper yourself now.